Bright by Text

What is Bright by Text?
Bright by Text is a program for parents and caregivers of children under five that sends free activities, games, and resources right to your cell phone. Messages are targeted to your child’s age and include information on child development, language and early literacy, health and safety, behavioral tips, and more!

Who it’s for?
Bright by Text is for anyone who cares for and loves a child between the ages of 0 and 5 – parents, grandparents, babysitters, aunties, uncles, neighbors, friends, teachers, and more.

How do you sign up?
To sign up for Bright by Text, simply text “BRIGHT” to 274448. You will be prompted for your child’s birthdate so that you can get messages keyed to his or her exact age, right when you need them! You can also provide your zip code and receive information about local* events and resources.
*Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 274448 to STOP. Text HELP to 274448 for HELP

Child Development

Developmental Milestones describe a pattern of human development that children can be expected to follow.  Each child will develop in their own way, however, being able to recognize “milestones” can assist parents in recognizing their own child’s pattern of development and provide guidance for assisting children through the developmental process. 

The CDC’s website provides information regarding Developmental Milestones and some tips for parents about what to do for children at each stage of development.

You can access the CDC website regarding Developmental Milestones here:

For parenting tips:




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