Emergency Information

What should parents do in a situation where there is a risk to their child’s health and safety?

How do parents recognize emergency situations for their children?

What should parents do to avoid emergency situations for their children?

KidsHealth from Nemours (a nonprofit pediatric health system) has some great information which answers these and many other questions.  You can access their website at:



Child Development

Developmental Milestones describe a pattern of human development that children can be expected to follow.  Each child will develop in their own way, however, being able to recognize “milestones” can assist parents in recognizing their own child’s pattern of development and provide guidance for assisting children through the developmental process. 

The CDC’s website provides information regarding Developmental Milestones and some tips for parents about what to do for children at each stage of development.

You can access the CDC website regarding Developmental Milestones here:

For parenting tips:




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