What is the Office of Home Visiting?

The Office of Home Visiting (OHV) is a Utah Department of Health program. The OHV acts as a support and resource center for entities interested in implementing an evidence-based or research-informed home visitation program.  The Office of Home Visiting:

  • Supports home visiting programs with training and technical assistance
  • Provides support for starting new evidence-based home visiting programs
  • Augments and, or, develops knowledge and linkages between home visiting programs and the related services systems at the state and community level identified as but not limited to:
    • Other home visiting programs
    • Health care providers
    • Substance Abuse providers
    • Mental health providers
    • Child care, and
    • Parenting programs
  • Identifies existing and new sources of funding for local home visiting programs
  • Promotes evidence-based home visiting as an effective way to prevent child abuse
  • Conducts evaluations of EBHV programs currently operating in Utah


To provide voluntary high-quality home visiting models for every at-risk family with young children in Utah.


To support evidence-based home visiting models in Utah that empower and create positive change in the lives of families at risk, by providing:
   Stewardship of
      - Government funding
      - Data collection
      - Model fidelity
   Support for
     - Model implementation
     - Training and technical assistance
     - Technical support
  Advocacy for
     - Expansion to underserved areas
     - Sustainable funding